Who We Are

CareLink is your comprehensive resource – the vehicle through which change happens with just one conversation. Founded in 1997, CareLink is a non-profit network of partners collaborating to ensure high-quality health care for the adult communities we serve. Our providers meet specific quality and service standards and comprise the full network of care so clients can safely traverse the system, accessing the right services and supports when it matters most. CareLink engages in strategic partnerships, utilizing our experience and innovative programming to better manage certain illnesses and conditions and integrate primary, acute, and community care. Well-positioned in the long-term and community care industry with a reputation for being smart, responsive, and capable, CareLink is a trusted partner in managing complex client cases throughout the network.

Why Choose CareLink

Our members work together to deliver the highest quality person-centered care.

CareLink is more than just a network that joins member facilities; we work in concert to deliver high-quality care. With unparalleled service breadth, expertise, industry knowledge, and a responsive relationship to the communities we serve on a day-to-day basis, we have the infrastructure to manage your clients’ care through all stages of the network.

For nearly two decades, we have provided care, managed care, and allocated our collective resources wisely. We know how to build a network, and we know how to support a network. Together, we are your comprehensive system of care for serving adults with complex health issues.

CareLink covers the complete spectrum of community and post-acute care.

From home care and independent living to long-term care and hospice care, we offer the complete network of community and post-acute care. Hospital systems and payers enlist the CareLink network for our experience with clinical programming for high-risk, high-cost clients, improving care under a fixed fee model, and managing risk under a care network.

With the complete network of care, your client can safely traverse the system by finding the right services and supports at the right time.

We are backed by years of experience with collaboration, program development, and innovation.

In today’s shifting landscape, community health through value-based population management is the new way of doing business. Referrals are no longer based on longstanding relationships but on the facts. These quantifiable standards around care performance enhance patient care, standardize care protocols, increase institutional agility, and streamline operational functionality.

That’s why CareLink’s members meet specific quality and service standards like short length of stay and low re-hospitalization rates. Our data management system collects outcome and population health data from providers and reports on quality performance and results, demonstrating the care delivery system’s impact.

Embracing the evolving health care landscape, we don’t shy away from change; we embrace it.

CareLink leads the aging care industry, backed by years of collaboration, program development, and innovation as a  community and post-acute care network.

We are a network of problem solvers who anticipate and embrace an industry moving towards strategic partnerships and outcome-based incentives that drive down costs while optimizing efficiency. This allows us the flexibility to be exactly what you need, when you need it: a preferred partner in clinical programming so that complex illnesses and conditions can be better managed, a case manager who navigates the social determinants faced when patients transition between levels of care, or a strategic partner who shares knowledge, experience, and innovative ideas on how to integrate primary, acute, and community care to serve your aging population.

Our comprehensive network provides care with a full suite of services such as rehabilitation, mobile dentistry, respiratory therapy, and more.

CareLink provides a vision for the future community and post-acute care system by establishing strategic partnerships, creating innovative solutions and business ventures, and serving as a knowledge base for key decision makers. The industry is moving towards a more integrated person-centered model, and we’re embracing it through strategic partnerships and member collaborations.

CareLink is smart, capable and inventive. As we look to the future, we identify gaps in care and work together to formulate solutions, as evidenced by the creation of the CareLink Mobile Dentistry, CareLink Rehabilitation Services,  and the GREEN HOUSE HOMES®. Instead of avoiding high-cost, complicated patients, we welcome the challenge and build innovative solutions to better serve them.

We don’t shy away from risk; we manage it.