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CareLink is a non-profit organization providing health care services to older adults and adults with disabilities.

Examples of CareLink’s use of your generous donations listed below:

  • $50 provides hearing aid supplies such as batteries, wax traps and mechanical repairs
  • $100 provides one evidence-based fall prevention class for older adults in the community
  • $150 provides a comprehensive dental cleaning, screening and fluoride varnish by one of our specially trained Public Health Dental Hygienists
  • $250 provides a Physical Therapy treatment using an evidence-based program for a patient with Parkinson’s Disease
  • $500 provides clinician training and certification for a new evidence-based program
  • $1000 provides one 7-week cycle of Cognitive Stimulation Therapy groups for patients with memory impairment

All Donations are considered unrestricted. 


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