CareLink's Respiratory Therapy Program

What is CareLink's Respiratory Therapy Program?

CareLink’s Respiratory Therapy program was designed by our multidisciplinary team of healthcare professionals seeking to strengthen the level of care provided by an onsite nurse at a participating facility. The goal of this program is to educate and train nurses in the field of respiratory therapy conducted by our licensed team, and to certify participants as “Respiratory Nurses” at the conclusion of training. The program provides thorough patient assessments, helps outline a strategic plan of care and goals for patients and staff, and further supports higher standards of care for respiratory-related illnesses. Nurses can also expect to achieve proficiencies in billing and proper documentation of the respiratory therapies being performed.

Based on a facility’s unique needs, the size of the facility, and a patient’s acuity level, the Respiratory Therapy program is fully customizable and can also be modified for additional support staff, which includes nursing assistants, medical technicians, physical, occupational and speech therapists, as well as activities personnel. Topics in training include pathology, as well as being educated in specialized oxygen equipment, its proper usage, and how to identify which patient population is best suitable for that type of equipment, based on their unique needs. Training also includes various therapies, such as chest physiotherapy, breathing techniques, secretion clearance, proper use of inhalers, nebulizers, and incentive spirometers.

What Are the Benefits of This Program?

Approximately 1 in 7 older adults have been diagnosed with some form of respiratory-related diseases, and the top three etiologies for rehospitalization are breathing-related, which includes pneumonia, COPD and respiratory failure. The goal of CareLink’s  Respiratory Therapy program is to ultimately help reduce hospitalizations, prepare nurses to better respond to patients experiencing distress, and to also improve the overall quality of one’s life for those suffering with respiratory disease. However, even those patients without chronic lung issues can also benefit. This includes patients with acute respiratory issues after a recent hospital admission, patients who have been deconditioned from immobility after a surgery or illness, and even those with new oxygen requirements. The program also helps increase a facility’s admittance rate for a wider range of patients and aims to maximize reimbursement under Medicare PDPM.

What Plans are Available?

CareLink offers two training options for the Respiratory Therapy program; a base plan and a premium plan. For more information, or to get started on creating a customizable subscription plan that works best for your facility, please contact Eric Franklin at 401. 490.7610, extension 120.