Independent Living

Independent Living

Independent Living (more commonly referred to as senior housing) is designed for seniors who can still live independently. The goal of this type of housing is to minimize responsibilities of daily life, which includes landscaping, laundry and housekeeping services, as well on-site dining and security surveillance. A variety of activities and events are also typical offerings.

How to Choose an Independent Living Facility

Organizing a tour with a facility’s admission staff is a great place to start when researching independent living facilities. This allows time to ask questions, specifically to ensure that the client’s needs are being met medically, socially and financially. It is also important to find a facility where current residents look happy and comfortable. Suggesting lunch at the facility is also a great idea, as it gives extra time to interact with residents and get an overall feel of the facility’s atmosphere. Research can also be done online.

Payment Options

Medicaid does not cover the direct costs of independent living facilities, however some long-term care insurance policies do. Coverage can also be funded through private pay.

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