Adult Day Services

Adult Day Health Centers

An adult day health center is designed to support families and caregivers by providing daytime care for their loved one in a secure, safe, and stimulating environment. Care is provided by certified professionals, and also includes transportation, nutritious meals, personal care assistance, and engaging daily activities. Participation is based on personal preference, anywhere from one to five days a week, and allows a sense of comfort and ease for families and caregivers to know that their loved one is being thoughtfully taken care of.

How to Choose an Adult Day Health Center

When researching adult day health centers, it’s important to first identify those that have the facilities and expertise that meet the participant’s specific medical and social needs. The next step is organizing a personalized tour to see the facility, talk to staff, and ask questions. It’s important to take notice how members of the day center interact with each other, and how comfortable and happy they are. Most adult day centers will allow new members to attend the center for a few days to ensure the setting is a good fit for them, and that it is somewhere they can envision themselves enjoying. (Refer to CareLink’s complete membership list at the end of this guide for more information.)

Payment Options

Confidential financial screenings are available to applicants of adult day health centers, and there are several programs that also help cover these costs. Medicaid covers 100% of the cost for individuals with assets below $4000 (single) and $6000 (married). State Co-Pay program pays for a portion of adult day health services for a person age 65 and over, and requires assistance with personal care, if income is below $25,520 (single) and $34,480 (married). Respite services are covered for income-eligible individuals, age 55 years and over. Veterans Administration benefits cover adult day health services, and private assistance offers reduced fees for individuals with low to moderate incomes.

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